EvilCoy's Scarred Lands

Red Alert: Free City under Attack

Mid-Winter, Hadrer 18th (The Month of Protection), 151 AV in Stygia:

That night while camping, the party was again beset by wraith attacks but the group managed to drive the creatures away now that they were on solid ground. Zoltan sent positive energy into the floor to try to keep the incorporeal creatures from them while they rested, which seemed to work to some degree.

Mid-Winter, Hadrer 19th (The Month of Protection), 151 AV in The Free City:

Due to the stress of the underground river ride and the wraith attacks, the party wakes to find the portly priest, Bartholomew, with them rather than Randolph. This sets off more worries since this may make them easier to find. Zoltan wakes up having had a dream where Raldinian is bidding them to all go to sleep so they can join him in the Dreamlands. Trusting the dream, everyone settles down and in a few moments they doze sufficiently.

Suddenly, they are on a warm sandy beach with tropical trees gently swaying in the breeze. Raldinian dressed in his finery welcomes them as a wonderful sunrise begins. Raldinian says that he received a prophetic dream that the Free City was under attack and being that he has served as an administrator for the city felt the need to go defend it. The group agrees and Raldinian takes them to a nearby Orafauna (goat priests of Erias) village where they go down a cellar and activate a portal. Walking through they find themselves in the cellar of a familiar keep, some recognize over time that this is Blackwall Keep, where they first encountered one of the spawn of Kyuss and where Raldinian first met up with the other members of the party on their adventures.

As they exited the tower, they saw bones and other remains both in and around the tower, as well as signs on the outside proclaiming it haunted. Evidently, the keep has been abandoned to the lizardmen of the marches at this time. Using the mount spell, soon the entire party was riding hard and fast towards the Free City.

Late in the day, the party was approaching the outskirts of the city and could see that the Free City was on fire in many spaces and that horrible undead spawn controlled the walls and gates of the city while they ravaged those unfortunate enough to be trapped inside. Some forces were trying to retake the east gate so the group attacked the southern gate in hopes of forcing it open and giving the remaining populance some method of escape.

The group fought long and hard but were making limited in roads at the southern gate as the spawn would hurl their deadly worms and their were servants of Kyuss atop the walls who were attacking with missles and dispelling spells. Suddenly, a great howling erupted from further south and a large number of huge wolves began charging towards the southern gates. Not knowing if friend or foe, the group disengaged from the spawn and moved aside as the wolves crashed into the ranks of the undead. Wolf changed to wolf man as Ildamar and his band of werewolf followers waded into the worm-infested zombies and began tearing them apart. Seeing that they were allies, the party joined the werewolves in the fight and rapidly broke the forces guarding the gate. Refugees began to flee out the gates as Ildamar and his band penetrated further into the city hunting spawn.

The party helped a few unfortunates to run taking out chasing spawn and then recognized that the biggest issues were if the spawn and their masters over-ran either the mages at the Order of the Copper Raven or if the spawn over-ran the priests in the Temple Quarter. Thinking that the priests might be more valuable in the fight as they continued to battle the invasion of undead, the party headed towards the Temple of Enkili, as it was central on the Street of the Gods.

When they approached the Temple of the Trickster, they found that many of the priests were outside their temples fighting off the invaders, none moreso than Amanita, Unlucky of Enkili. The Unlucky was flying about with flail in hand being attacked by vampires and other spawn. Many of the clergy of the gods met their end in the battle only to rise as undead moments later, desecrating their vows of service and faith in death. The party quickly leapt to the aid of the priests, especially Amanita, who had treated Zhou Pan of his necrotic cist in the past and brought some back from past almost-fatal injuries. After a tough fight with lightning being called down from Enkili, and Zoltan calling down the righteous wrath of Corean, the undead were destroyed and the temple of Enkili was saved from destruction. Unfortunately, much of the remainder of the city and many of the other temples were burned.

In the end, roving teams of mages, priests, and werewolves drove the forces of kyuss back to the tunnel hole that they had came out of in the middle of the city during the night surprising and overwhelming the unsuspecting forces. Unfortunately, with all that were destroyed and turned into spawn by the green worms, it was generally felt that a large portion of the population had died or were now missing and likely spawn. Nant rapidly took control of the struggling government forces and applied martial law even as forces from nearby towns began to show up to aid in the fight and cleanup effort. All told it is believed that about 25% of the structures that were in the city and about that much of the original population now remains, with much of the city being blocked off or burned. The Deep Inn survived the best of any structure in the city, and many refugees stayed around or in its rooms thinking it must be good luck or perhaps blessed in some way. The group finds a place to crash nearby and rests, even Raldinian enjoying the restful, dreamless sleep of one who has fought as hard as he can for the preservation of something good.

Mid-Winter, Hadrer 20th (The Month of Protection), 151 AV in Stygia:

As the group rests, Raldinian again pulls them to the Dreamlands and into an audience and feast with great Orafauna of Erias, who after the fine dinner magically brings them back to Stygia to their camp. The group asks Raldinian to stay, but he declines citing the needs of Erias in dealing with the encroachment of the greenish, wormfilled seas into the Dreamlands, and his desire to return to the Free City to help Nant rebuild. The group wishes him the best and sadly watches as he and the great Orafauna departs back to the land of dreamers.

The party prepares to rest and Xaylin identifies that the guard schedule changes about every 12 hours. He also finds that he has severe intestinal distress after eating too much in the Dreamlands and gets little sleep over the night.


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