• Arthur Dayne, Lord of the Morning

    Arthur Dayne, Lord of the Morning

    A holy warrior priest in service of Corean the Avenger, this man wields a powerful blade wreathed in holy fire that cuts down the hated undead like wheat before a sickle.
  • Cyndarian Alykayne

    Cyndarian Alykayne

    Cyndarian is fairly average build, long, dark hair, usually worn in a ponytail. Typically he is seen in priestly vestments as he labors in the temple of Hedrada. He's about 24 winters old.
  • Em of the Isle

    Em of the Isle

    This druidess is a petite beauty of the natural wilderness. Wherever she goes, her pet constrictor accompanies her travels.
  • Gruff Gravelbeard

    Gruff Gravelbeard

    Gruff is a fairly young dwarf. He's tall for a dwarf and of average build with deep brown hair and a thick brown beard, if you look closely enough you might see a leaf or twig sticking out of his hair.
  • Kronk the Scarred

    Kronk the Scarred

    You see a scarred up half-orc thats dresses like some sort of woodsman/tribesman. He typically wears a wooden tiki mask and brews strange herbal concoctions from his village hut.
  • Leon of Lede

    Leon of Lede

    Brother to Xaylin, this human has his face covered such that only his eyes can be seen. He carries scimitars at his hip and fights in an elven fashion.
  • Raldinian


    Charismatic and Mysterious, this midnight skinned half-elf dresses impecabbly and is quick to fling a spell
  • Xaylin of Lede

    Xaylin of Lede

    Brother to Leon, this halfling is a devotee of Domiel the Slayer, a martyr of Corean, and stalks evil in the shadows.
  • Zhou Pan

    Zhou Pan

    Dressed in a blue silken half robe and shorts, this muscled, lean man seems charged with a holy light and the blood of angels.
  • Zoltan, the Skylord

    Zoltan, the Skylord

    Tall and heavy built, this holy man of Corean grows in power in the service of his god and his agenda.
  • Adams Notsob

    Adams Notsob

    The priest of Hedrada is Adams Notsob, an elderly man who speaks of the great city of Hedrada and is active in trying to encourage growth in Arach's Rest.
  • Allustan Neff

    Allustan Neff

    This robed man walks with difficulty but his eyes tell of magical power and secrets.
  • Amanita, Unlucky of Enkili

    Amanita, Unlucky of Enkili

    High Priest of Enkili in the Free City, this androgynous being is a socialite and frequent dealer at the gambling tables.
  • Aroon the Herbalist

    Aroon the Herbalist

    This old man has a vibrant golden tan and white goatee. He wears white robes and a rust colored fez as he goes about making his herbal remedies.
  • Balabar "Luscious Lips" Smenk

    Balabar "Luscious Lips" Smenk

    Acting Lord Mayor and Primary Mine Manager of Diamond Lake
  • Balakarde


    Wizard friend of Allustan and Cestarian who disappeared while investigating the Ebon Triad in Alhaster.
  • Burskel


    A bulbous floating orb of eyes with a gaping maw, this beholder acts as an arms dealer and weapons collector to the planes.
  • Captain Pramas the Quick

    Captain Pramas the Quick

    This tall dark and handsome man wears a brace of pistols and a cutlass at his belt. He has long black hair and a black tattoo along his forehead and to the left side of his face.
  • Celnin


    Local sheriff of the village of Arach's Rest, this balding middle-aged ex-soldier goes about his duty with efficiency and purpose.
  • Cestarian the Wise

    Cestarian the Wise

    Renowned wizard and arch-mage who lives in his walled compound with its large telescope and mystic library of
  • Cob the Incarnate

    Cob the Incarnate

    A sage and storyteller who fathered many tales, some of which were of his past lives.
  • Des'r Kha

    Des'r Kha

    Brown furred, with folds of skin under its arms, and long ears, this humanoid stands about man-height and looks at you with its intelligent eyes.
  • Domino


    A buxom and beautiful cambioness with glowing red eyes who operates the Polar Opposites Inn and Tavern in Stygia.
  • Donny the Rogue

    Donny the Rogue

    A local teen-age boy in Twilight who gets by selling information, doing odd tasks, and a wee bit of roguery.
  • Ellival Moonmeadow

    Ellival Moonmeadow

    Known as "the Prince", this elf is said to be a minor noble. Though regal and handsome, he maintains himself aloof from most humans in Diamond Lake.
  • Feflin


    This robed young man stands before you gazing charismatically with lips slightly pouted.
  • Filge


    Dark, brooding, and pale of skin, this small man seems to radiate malign power.
  • Fleaz


    This hyena-headed humanoid scratches his leg and goes back to cleaning out bar glasses, waiting for you to order.
  • Gelch Tilgast

    Gelch Tilgast

    An aging mine manager who once held the reins of Diamond Lake's ore market and looks to reclaim his former glory.
  • Gos’rn Ket

    Gos’rn Ket

    A powerful blue dragon known as the Terror of the Desert
  • Ildamar


    This man is 6' 6" tall and cut out of stone. He has curly black hair and grey eyes. He snarls and begins to transform in to a huge wolf-man.
  • Illthane the Black

    Illthane the Black

    A powerful black dragon involved with the Cult of Kyuss. Lately, he has been seen with a sorcerous rider astride his back.
  • Ingacka


    A tall, powerfully built warrior almost fully encapsulated in barbed, devil armor wielding mighty fire swords.
  • Jadess


    Owner/proprietess of the Goblyn's Crown, an inn and tavern located on the Street of Sages within Sigil.
  • Jenna of the Hammer

    Jenna of the Hammer

    A middle-aged Albanian woman accomplished at forge work. Owns the smithy and stablery at the village of Arach's Rest.
  • Jharen Hubris

    Jharen Hubris

    Owner and operator of the Painted Man tattoo shop.
  • Kara


    A blonde, blue-eyed Albadian sorceress dressed in sapphire blue robes and white tiger skin cloak
  • Kent and Esmerelda Phoi

    Kent and Esmerelda Phoi

    The Rusty Horseshoe is ran by Kent, a bald, chubby, bear of a man with a penchant for screaming at his employees. His wife is Esmerelda, a fine cook and child-bearing woman based on their family of 8 children.
  • Lashonna


    This beautiful elf woman is dazzlingly beautiful as she walks by in a silk dress of impeccable taste.
  • Lord Killian Vrail

    Lord Killian Vrail

    Lord of Fangsfall, a man of honor facing a declining situation with no heir apparent
  • Marshall Dannus Kildarum

    Marshall Dannus Kildarum

    A competent commander holding the chief military post under Lord Vrail himself, overseeing Fangsfall's Army, Navy, City Guard, and Vrail's personal guard.
  • Maximillian Drake

    Maximillian Drake

    Tall and dressed in an impeccably well kept blue wool overcoat, this man stands 6' 2" tall with medium build. He wears a captains hat with heraldry of the Free City. His hair and moustache are brown turning grey with a hawkish nose and pale blue eyes.
  • Moreto, the Marquis of Ravenstone

    Moreto, the Marquis of Ravenstone

    Tall, gaunt, and pale of skin. A noble and magician of some underdark realm known as the White Kingdom.
  • Nant


    Quick witted and sharp tongued, this man dresses in fine robes as befits his station as leader of the Free City wizards.
  • Neifion, the Lord of Bats

    Neifion, the Lord of Bats

    A thin man, bald and pale, with narrow squinting eyes, pointed ears and drab black clothes sits at the head of the table on a chair as grand as any throne.
  • Pheth Amon

    Pheth Amon

    This robed man radiates dark power and you can see a multitude of scars and tattoos cover his upper body.
  • Prince Zeech

    Prince Zeech

    A handsome young man dressed at the cutting edge of current style.
  • Santos, Squire of House Kir'Dargo

    Santos, Squire of House Kir'Dargo

    This thin halfelf speaks with a Shelzari accent and carries bow, blades, and an impressive, magical lantern.
  • Sarina


    Sarina of the Shroud is the ranking priestess of Nemorgha in the Free City. She is a middle-aged woman with a scarred face.
  • Serpenthelm


    Handsome and dramatic, this famed bard frequently puts on sellout concerts that mesmerize attendees with magic, music, and moving stories.
  • Shadowstalker


    A shadowborn human who roams the wilds of the Shadowfell protecting Dark Folk and Shadowborn communities.
  • Sheriff Cubbin

    Sheriff Cubbin

    Speaking with a drawl, the Sheriff of Diamond Lake portrays a gentlemanly image with grandiloquent speech up until the point where he brings out "old billy" and clubs a lawbreaker on the head.
  • Shieldmaster Aaron Derigesh

    Shieldmaster Aaron Derigesh

    Head of the Corean Chapterhouse, the Shieldmaster is a handsome man with golden hair and deep blue eyes who leads the men in patrols quite frequently.
  • Tarquin


    Halfling proprietor of the Crooked House, a famous inn in the Midnight Muddle neighborhood of the Free City.
  • Traril Shieldhart

    Traril Shieldhart

    A clean cut lieutenant to the Shieldmaster, Traril often acts as commander of the Corean Chapterhouse while his master is on patrol.
  • Vassago


    Owner of the Red Wagon Acrobat Company, a troupe of female acrobats, that frequently moves about the Free City entertaining crowds.
  • Weej


    This halfling is well tanned and bald. He dresses in black leathers with a small duster overcoat; concealing his many daggers. He has an ugly scar on his left cheek.
  • Wovinillius the SwordSage

    Wovinillius the SwordSage

    A burly dwarf typically dressed in leather apron, the Sage of Swords has an extensive knowledge of blades and their crafting.
  • Xerryn (X-aaron)

    Xerryn (X-aaron)

    Face of the wizard's guild known as the Order of the Copper Raven and primary interface for visitors seeking entry or services.
  • Yarol


    This well dressed red-skinned man has horns atop his head poking out of his black hair. He has an eye patch and wears a goatee.
  • Zeindra


    A swarthy, buxom beauty dressed in silks, scarves and veils in the manner of a Shelzari performer