Marshall Dannus Kildarum

A competent commander holding the chief military post under Lord Vrail himself, overseeing Fangsfall's Army, Navy, City Guard, and Vrail's personal guard.


Dannus Kildarum grew up alongisde Killian Vrail and they have remained friends in the tumultuous years that followed. Today, Dannus serves as Vrail’s Marshall, seeing that Fangsfall’s army keeps titanspawn at bay and locals loyal. Despite his family’s closeness to Vrail’s, House Kildarum has few friends among the other noble houses. Dannus Kildarum makes no attempt to hid his distaste for the Kir’Dargo, whom he considers a house of commoners, and for the Dumasquo, calling them a nest of treacherous vipers on more than one occasion.

As Marshall, Dannus holds the chief military post under Lord Vrail himself, overseeing Fangsfall’s Army, Navy, City Guard, and Vrail’s personal guard. He has shown himself to be a rather competent commander, forging the peninsula’s military out of a chaotic collection of private noble armies, Rahoch refugees, local soldiers, and sea-borne patrollers. He often appears crass and undiplomatic, which in many ways he is, though he’s been known to achive his goals by talking as well as fighting.

Marshall Dannus Kildarum

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