Cestarian the Wise

Renowned wizard and arch-mage who lives in his walled compound with its large telescope and mystic library of


A man of average heigth and build, Cestarian has dark brown hair turning salt and pepper gray with a slight beard. He wears fine silk robes embroidered with golden sigils and runes usually of green or blue color. His eyes are a jade green color and he speaks eloquently with surety and confidence. Many come to seek his astrological readings and horoscopes; his auguries and wisdom are often sought by those in trouble. A sage, wizard, and arch-mage, he spends the majority of his time studying the heavens and interpreting their travels or researching lost secrets from before the Divine War.

Cestarian’s tower is roughly six stories tall made of gleaming white stone and surrounded by a walled compound where apprentices and master study magic, lore, and the wisdom of the stars. Entry into this compound is via a long tunnel that is cloaked in shadows even in the brightest of light, with six bronze griffon statues standing at attention down its length. A small shop is maintained just outside the compound with marble floors and exotic wooden counters offering magical items, horoscopes, and other exotic trinkets for those able to afford them.

Cestarian the Wise

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