Aroon the Herbalist

This old man has a vibrant golden tan and white goatee. He wears white robes and a rust colored fez as he goes about making his herbal remedies.


Owner of Aroon’s Herbalism, this old man is a master of his craft. Always speaking in soft friendly tones, he treats his patients and customers with respect and kindness. He is descended of Shelzari ancestry by his looks and accent, though he has lived in Fangsfall for longer than his neighbors can remember.

Aroon’s Herbalism stands near the end of High Tide street in a small one story buidling in good repair. A smaill signpost just outside a neatly kept yard reads “Aroon’s Herbalism: All are Welcome.” The windows are shuttered but their is always a light within. The front door is painted gold and has an ankh on the door, symbol of life. Just outside the door are a few benches for those who must wait for Aroon’s service. Beyond the front door is a small room, cramped with hanging herbs, dried animal skins, and dozens of shelves. Each shelf displays countless bottles of odd liquids, powders, and preserved specimens. The room has a musky, earthen scent with an undertone of decay.

Aroon the Herbalist

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