Illthane the Black

A powerful black dragon involved with the Cult of Kyuss. Lately, he has been seen with a sorcerous rider astride his back.


A source of misery and woe, Illthane was the source of agitation to the Mistmarsh lizardfolk tribes driving them to attack Blackwall Keep. This was eventually thwarted through force of arms and diplomacy as the lizardfolk tribe’s young were rescued from the malignant, Kyuss worm infested, dragon egg that was about to corrupt all the young of the tribe.

Illthane has also been seen conspiring with the wicked barbarian horsemen of the Thunderhooves tribe and the Hobgoblins of the Red Hand. This gathering of wickedness spelled the doom to the mighty orc tribe known as the Red Eye and have since been raiding the trade routes between the Free City and New Wahid.

The depths of Illthane’s corruption and evil is unknown and combined with his draconic prowess spells doom for those who would oppose him or his rider.

Illthane the Black

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