Santos, Squire of House Kir'Dargo

This thin halfelf speaks with a Shelzari accent and carries bow, blades, and an impressive, magical lantern.


Santos was a soldier at Blackrock Keep when the lizardfolk attacked. He survived that attack only to see the wounded soldiers overcame by a spawn of kyuss and slowly turned. As the last of his companions began to turn into a minion of Kyuss, Santos fled with Walton to serve the party and go to the Free City.

In the Free City, Santos was a key supporter in defeating the Doppleganger threat and then penetrating the Arena itself. Since then, Santos accompanied the group to Fort Thorn. Santos found himself falling for young Sally and Santos has decided to stay in Forth Thorn and build a cabin/lodge with his loot from previous adventures.

Santos, Squire of House Kir'Dargo

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