Dark, brooding, and pale of skin, this small man seems to radiate malign power.


A small man with dark hair and slight beaird, Filge is a mercenary at heart and uses what funds that come his way to fund his study of the necromantic arts. Originally from the city of Hollowfaust, Filge evidently had a falling out and was banished from the city. Like many refugees, he eventually found his way to the Fangsfall Peninsula and then to the Free City. Establishing some contacts, Filge found good relations with the underworld and less reputable businessmen of the bazaars. At some point, he got a request from a previous acquaintance, Balabar Smenk, who put him up in the Old Observatory in Diamond Lake. He was apparently involved in the study of a Kyuss worm, on behalf of Balabar Smenk, but his studies were interupted by a group of adventurers seeking to recover a skeleton that had somehow ended up in his laboratory.

Filge managed to negotiate his way out of that situation and returned to the Free City, swearing off the podunk yokels of Diamond Lake. He continued his mercenary ways and established himself as a favorite contact of the Selintan Syndicate for his ability to make things happen with discretion. Months after his move from Diamond Lake, he again met with the adventurers who had bested him before, but this time as an aid in their fight against a gang of Dopplegangers.

Returning to his research and studies, and occasional side project for the Syndicate, Filge survived the Feast of Worms that nearly destroyed the Free City. Some months after that tragic and near apocalypic event (at least for the people of the city) he was again asked to help the adventuring group locate an assassin who had struck down one of their companions. Summoning and binding a small demon and using powerful necromantic energies, Filge was able to find the assassin for the vengeful adventurers.


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