Gelch Tilgast

An aging mine manager who once held the reins of Diamond Lake's ore market and looks to reclaim his former glory.


Ten years ago, the aging Gelch held the reins of Diamond Lake’s ore trade, a position he’d enjoyed most of his life. Then Smenk and his boundless ambition came to town. In his youth, Tilgast would have relished the challenge, but he didn’t move fast enough to block Smenk’s ascent, which has led directly to his own decline. Tilgast has many contacts from outside Diamond Lake that have helped him stay in the game, including a handful of weak mine managers from the neighboring towns of Steaming Springs and Blackstone.

Recently, Gelch has seemed to have regained his toughness and mental edge and has been waging a robber baron war with Smenk. Even with Smenk now being in the seat of power as governor-mayor, the aging Gelch has started to once again dominate the mining community through strong arm tactics, ruthless business dealings, and competitors who decide they’ve had enough. The remaining mine managers all have staffed a small group of mercenaries to defend their interests, but all (including Smenk) are concerned about Tilgast’s new determination and return to power.

In [[Return to the Dark Cathedral, Part II | previous adventures]], Gelch made one to many deals with the demonic entities that were fueling his power only to find himself dragged into the Pestilential Abyss.

Gelch Tilgast

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