Allustan Neff

This robed man walks with difficulty but his eyes tell of magical power and secrets.


Probably the smartest man in Diamond Lake, this bearded man walks with difficulty and a bad limp. He is rumored to be a powerful wizard and a former adventurer of note. Allustan has a strong interest with the history of the region and its tombs and had hired the party to explore the Whispering Cairn. He has some knowledge of the Battle of Pesh and pre-historical war between Law and Chaos, as well as the Vaati and the Wind Dukes.

Allustan has ties with other mages in the area including access to the Order of the Copper Raven and the Library of Lokil. He is a previous apprentice of Cestarian the Wise, a powerful archmage who abides in the Fangsfall.

Following the destruction of Diamond Lake by the dragon Illthain, Allustan was at first blamed by the townsfolk for bringing about the disaster. Assassins made an attempt on his life and that of his apprentice, Feflin. Ultimately, they decided to go to Lokil to continue to provide research and other notes to the party but be able to remain in a protected environment.

Allustan Neff

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