Cyndarian Alykayne

Cyndarian is fairly average build, long, dark hair, usually worn in a ponytail. Typically he is seen in priestly vestments as he labors in the temple of Hedrada. He's about 24 winters old.


Quiet, introspective, compassionate, and feeling. Often comes across as shy or naive. Cyndarian favors the morning star and shield, or the light crossbow in combat, but carries a staff and a dagger, as he has found them to be useful tools in everyday life.


Often mistaken for shy, this young acolyte is given to watching people, and is interested in the motivations of everyday individuals. He seeks enlightenment as to why people do what they do, and what makes a person “good” or “evil”. Prejudice also interests him, as he doesn’t understand why someone would impose specific assumptions on someone based simply on what that person looks like, where they were born, what gender or race they happen to be, or how much wealth they control. Having come from a family of fairly fruitful means, Cyndarian was orphaned early on by disease, and watched his father, mother, and older sister wither away, despite being able to afford the best that local medicine had to offer. In that time, he learned that death doesn’t hold such prejudices as man, and decided to try to aid his fellow beings with what healing magic he could learn. Thus began his education at the church.

Cyndarian Alykayne

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