Owner of the Red Wagon Acrobat Company, a troupe of female acrobats, that frequently moves about the Free City entertaining crowds.


Vassago is the manager and owner of the Red Wagon Acrobat Company located out of his gypsy-style wagon. The troupe, made up of beautiful and buxom female acrobats in harlequin outfits of a revealing nature, frequently stops within the Free City at various locales to wow the crowds and pull what discretionary coin is out of the viewers.


Vassogo also deals in a number of under the table operations and black market activities. He has acted as an information source and help to those who do him respect or have helped him in the past. Rumors are that Vassogo is a member of the Selintan Syndicate, one of the oldest and most powerful criminal organizations in the Free City. Vassago shrugs at these rumors and goes about his life with zeal and passion of a man half his age.


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