Balakarde's Hand-written Note

A quickly scribbled note from Balakarde


Alhaster is the key.

Missing heretics never captured… Possible site of Ebon Triad foundation? Did they turn to the cult of Sethris for aid and then more recently to that of Vecna? Are new Triad leaders trained somewhere in Alhaster, and then sent out to start their own cult cells in other cities?

To Do:
- Lashonna (helped defeat heretics may know more about them that wasn’t printed in Rhorsk’s book)
- Rhorsk (research indicates he did not flee Alhaster after it fell – he’s probably dead but may have left some sort of legacy)
- Ebon Triad (are they still active in town? Find out if their original Death Shrine still exists)


Balakarde's Hand-written Note

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