Scrolls of Pheth Amon


Standing upon the Spire of Long Shadows
The Southern Journeys of the Glorious Pheth Amon

(These scrolls appear to have been hastily scribed as if they
were copied many times for distribution to others)

Following the histories recorded in the book known as the Bindings of Erivatius, I was able to discern the location of the city of Kuluth-Mar. The city lies deep in the jungles of Termana. Theldrick and Okoral don’t seem to share my instinct; don’t they want to see where it all began and uncover the clues that may be the final weight that swings the balance in favor of the return of Kyuss? They are short-sighted fools not willing to leave their stomping grounds.

Securing some traveling coin (a simple matter of killing a number of shop owners and merchants), I was ready to visit the continent of the Forsaken Elves and the black-hearted dwarves, the Charduni. With a bit of bargaining with some of my infernal contacts, I secured passage and was shortly there. My trusty servant, Bakras, went with me, though hiding his appearance and the oozing green worms that he constantly emits required a bit of magic to cover up. We quickly did some research and were able to come up with a number of reliable paintings by jungle natives of a great spire hidden in the vast jungle, which must be the Spire of Long Shadows.

Using teleportation, we arrived in the ruined city of Kuluth-Mar, where a number of creatures have taken up residence. The Spire and Ziggurat of Kyuss was encircled by a great Obsidian Ring that I could tell was anathema to servants of Kyuss. One of my Spawn servants touched the wall and was instantly disintegrated. Likewise, one that flew over the wall was likewise obliterated. However, when I teleported a Spawn into the encircled area, he survived. Unfortunately, I had to leave several of my servants outside as Bakras and I continued our journey.

As we entered the ruins, I received a powerful vision of Kyuss as a mortal king ruling the city of Kuluth-Mar as he gathered his subjects leading them in a rhythmic chant centered upon the ziggurat; the worship and adulation seemed to be soaking into a monolith atop the ziggurat right behind the throne of mighty Kyuss.

Approaching the base of the Spire itself atop the ziggurat, I had another vision: The Spire of Long Shadows restored to its original condition, a mighty structure held in place by magic and the will of Kyuss. Atop the peak sits the monolith of the earlier vision. Suddenly, a brilliant red wall of scales fills the view and there’s a terrible sound of crumbling stone. In an instant, an enormous red dragon is winging away to the north. The spire’s peak is in ruins, and clutched in the dragon’s talons is the monolith.

We found remains of a previous struggle inside the Ziggurat where others had penetrated the ring, though it appears that they did not attempt to go down into the central sinkhole leading deeper into the temple. Many worm nagas lived in the walls of the passage down, but through Bakras, I was able to keep them from attacking us. In fact, with a bit of spell work, I was able to hide my mortal appearance and become as one of the servants of Kyuss. Using these veils, I set about my work and was able to penetrate the lower levels and in some cases command some of the lesser servants of Kyuss.

As I penetrated the lower level, I had another vision: Kyuss in a chamber of torture ministering to those who had displeased him. Accompanying him was a strange, six-armed creature that looked as much insect as it did humanoid. The insect creatures eyes are hollow sockets containing a pinpoint of light deep within, its flesh is rotting and festering, and the green robes it wears are old and moth-eaten. The creature wields a long green crystal rod in one hand, a cruel hooked rod in the another. In two other hands it holds a jeweled gold box that it presents to the man, who takes it and sets it upon a table. He opens it and using a pair of iron tongs, withdraws a writhing green worm. The man’s expression changed to one of exaltation as he looks upon the small worm. The Bindings of Erivatius indicate that the six-armed creature is known as the Harbinger of Worms, a lich spellweaver (a group of creatures that have long served Mesos the titan).

Continuing down, I found a massive sea covered with the green worms of Kyuss. Travelling about the lower area, I met several intelligent servants of Kyuss and with bargaining and cajoling, I was able to come to some agreements with them convincing a few to my service and others to at least leave my group be. There we saw another vision where Kyuss and the Harbinger were studying a collection of worn and pitted bronze disks in the past. Faint etchings adorn the plates, and it seems as if the alien figures and symbols writhe together at the behest of some sinister will. The gray, six armed creature points to one of the plates and a look of sudden comprehension blooms on the man’s face. Then the vision faded away.

As I approached the sea of worms and saw the powerful Overworm that lived in that sea, I marveled at the power and majesty of Kyuss. Another vision leapt into life before me: A bird’s eye view of Kuluth-Mar at its height. The streets are empty, as the thousands of citizens seem to have gathered in a mass in the central plaza surrounding the Spire of Long Shadows. Suddenly, a foul energy wells from the spire at the center of the city, sweeping outward and felling the living as it passes. For each creature that falls, I felt a silent but potent sense of wrongness, as some indescribable part of the creature, perhaps its very soul, is drawn back toward the Spire of Long Shadows to be absorbed by the strange black monolith of stone balanced at its peak. As the energy builds around the peak, a shimmering image of a colossal humanoid figure, its body composed of a million writhing worms, takes form around the spire of Long Shadows, its arms raised in triumph. Yet in another moment, the triumphant pose seems to change to one of rage, and a soul wrenching cry of fury tears from the undulant face. The image shrinks, pulled into the stone monolith at the Spire’s peak, imploding with a horrific wet burst. In an instant, the city is quiet again, yet as the vision faded; I could see the first signs of unlife spread through the thousands of dead bodies strewn around the ziggurat’s base as bodies, now festering with green worms rise from death.

In my researches, I have found that the monolith seems to be made of a stone and crystal combination that radiates magic. I believe it is similar to the crystal structures that exist in the Termanan jungle and perhaps even the gigantic crystalline structure rumored to be floating about the Ethereal Sea. A captured servant of Mesos divulged to me (under torture) that these structures were linked to his fallen lord…and seemed quite earnest in his belief that they would be the method of his resurrection. In any case, they obviously have power that benefits those of an arcane persuasion or those interested in necromantic arts.

After much time with the wormcallers, ancient priests of Kyuss, and the worm nagas, I learned much of the history of Kyuss and his ascension. One naga in particular, known as Struggut, swore loyalty to me if I could take him from the ziggurat. Using my skills at infernal bindings, I made sure he was not going to double-cross me and he became a part of my entourage. In his care was a small library of religious studies on necromancy, some including guidance on how to construct and control the Spawn of Kyuss.

Travelling across the sea of worms, I was able to come to the last chamber in the ziggurat. Entering the room, I found myself face to face with the ancient, six-armed creature of the visions. The Harbinger of Worms, communicated to me via telepathy, and he saw through my disguises instantly. Obviously, he could have killed me if he wished, but with Struggut and the others of my retinue, instead seemed willing to parley and discuss recent issues. In time, I was able to convince him of my loyalty. He told me of the Apostolic Scrolls and the prophecy contained within for the Age of Worms. Based on my current understanding of events upon Scarn, I was able to confirm that several of the events told in prophecy had occurred, which made the lich extremely pleased. This is what we discerned from the prophecies:

Legions of worm-eaten dead rise from soggy graves. – Spawn of Kyuss appearing in strength…obviously occurring to anyone with eyes to see.
An immense and demonic tree explodes into destructive life from the heart of a city. – The great tree is the physical manifestation of a demon lord named Malgarius, which was able to consume one of the towns of the Forsaken Elves recently before being sent back to the Abyss.
A burning comet lances down from the heavens to strike the earth in a tremendous, mushroom-shaped cloud of devastation. – This was one of the ancient Sky Keeps that came hurtling down in the Kelder mountains during the very end of the Divine War.
A town square is wreathed in a cloud of black smoke filled with eyes, and shadows that move independently of their source. – This agrees remarkably with a description of the town of Istivin, a place long held to be cursed and haunted by demonic spirits.
A cackling man attaches a clawed and withered hand to the bleeding stump of his arm, and the hand writhes into unholy life. – One of the servants of Vecna evidently…I believe this to have already occurred based on some reports I have heard, though I have not confirmed myself.
A city built in the heart of a volcano suffers tragedy during a partial eruption that sees the collapse of its southeastern quadrant. – This is the city of Cauldron in Termana and suffered the disaster about two years ago.

Based on our research, there were two prophecies that are still to come:
A tripartite spirit once again becomes one, and at its advice are the mighty undone.
On the eve of the Age of Worms, a hero of the pit shall use his fame to gift a city to the dead.

The Harbinger and I worked together to fashion a spell that would send living sacrifices to the Sea of Worms to be drained of their souls for the glory of Kyuss and restored to unlife as his servants. The spell would then see them returned to me in time through the use of the three stone coffins we carved out of stone from the monolith itself. Laying enchantments upon them we attuned them to serve our specific needs and laid the necessary limited wish spells to activate the magic…however, we needed the power of another artifact to make the final arrangements complete. Thus, the Harbinger and I did much research and discussions with infernal servants to learn the location of one of the Bloody Cauldrons, minor artifacts of the Death of Dreams that takes living sacrifices directly to her home on the planes, the Blacklands. By laying spells upon the cauldron, we would turn it such that the sacrifices would instead come to the Sea of Worms. After a bit of time, our plans were finalized and the location of one of the cauldrons known. I departed the Harbinger on good terms and began to make my way back to the continent of Ghelspad along with my new servants/companions and the three stone coffins.

I believe that once I get the cauldron, that I will return to the Free City. Our plans there have been long in achieving dominion and now it is time to begin the process of sacrificing the city to the greater glory of Kyuss so we can march upon Fangsfall. Once Fangsfall is removed as a threat, there are few things for the city of Alhaster to fear and I believe we will finally see the beginning of the end…the Age of Worms will be upon us. Glory to Kyuss and all who serve his will; long have we labored and writhed in darkness, now we will emerge into the light and devour our opposition from their very innards.

Scrolls of Pheth Amon

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