Arach's Rest

The village of Arach’s Rest is a border post sitting in the foothills of the Kelder Mountains, not far from the beginnings of Irontooth Pass. Rustfang, the first fort that the Calastian and Lageni military took from the Dwarves of Burok Torn, lies up in the mountains to the East. Nearby burial mounds, forests, and foothills of the Kelder Mountains make the villagers hardy and capable of defending themselves against the occasional threat. Thanks to the common patrols of Lageni military and the occasional visit from the elite Black Dragoon’s, the village typically has little to fear from creatures or beasts in the areas where farming, logging, and mining are actively taking place. However, outside the areas where patrols are common, is wilderness, adventure, and danger.

Of the roughly 100 souls who live in the village, most are frontiersmen and have that kind of spirit. Most see the war against the treacherous dwarves of Burok Torn as a good end to a bad seed, and the war against Durrover is to secure additional land for the growing and burgeoning nations of Calastia (and her largest duchy, Lageni). The loggers who run the cutyard speak of Elves, but they are likely just rumors.

Duke Traviak, the steel-fisted, is the ruler of Lageni. You saw him once as he came through the village as so many military battalions have came through in the past going to Burok Torn or Durrover. He sat strong and hard upon his black steed, with a score of Black Dragoon’s riding as bodyguards. He rules locally through a man that is probably only a tenth of the Duke in fortitude or menace; Mayor Blin Haverty is an administrator, but has really meant little in the way of growth for Arach’s Rest.

The local priests attend to the spiritual needs of the village and the occasional accident. The priest of Chardun is Tyron, an elderly warrior who suffered too many wounds to be in active duty. The priest of Hedrada is Adams Notsob, who speaks of the great city of Hedrada and is active in trying to encourage growth in Arach’s Rest.

The local blacksmith is Jenna of the Hammer, a strapping mid-aged woman with white skin and yellow hair. Two dwarves work for her as endentured servants and she serves as not only blacksmith and stablery, but also weapon maker and armor smith for the town. The dwarves are viewed with some suspicion, but they have served her for more than ten years without any issues and it is her right to have endentured servants or slaves. In any case, they make good products and typically sell out when the latest battalion marches to the front. There are times that her and her dwarven servants occasionally venture out into the wilderness together; rumors usually fill in all sorts of unsavory gaps, though most villagers feel it is to gather specific ingredients to aid in fabrication of her steels and metals.

There is only one inn and tavern in town, the Rusty Horseshoe. It is ran by Kent, a balding man with a penchant for screaming at his employees while fawning over his customers, and his extended family. His wife is Esmerelda, a fine cook and evidently a fine child-bearing woman based on the eight children.

Part of the village economy is the cutyards, or lumber sites in the nearby forests. Several villagers both human, half-orc, and half-elves frequently go to the woods in the morning and return with loads of lumber. Other villagers report to the nearby mines where copper and iron are plucked from the earth. The rest are farmers or ranchers working hard keep track of their crops and herds.

The village has a stone wall surrounding it and security/law is maintained by a force of guardsmen lead by Celnin, the local sheriff.

To the east is Irontooth Pass, the taken fort of Rustfang (renamed to insult the dwarves for their defense), and ultimately Burok Torn and Durrover. To the south is the heartland of Lageni and Calastia, greatest nation on Ghelspad. To the West is forest and farmland and ultimately the river Edi and Queen Geleeda’s Grove (previously known as the Fiendwood). To the North is the barrow mounds and foothills of the Kelders.

The village itself is small with the mines, cutyards, farms and ranches surrounding it at varying distances. This is the village of Arach’s Rest of the Archduchy of Lageni, nestled in the shadows of the Kelder Mountains where god and titans fought five generations ago.

Arach's Rest

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