City of FangsFall

The Free City of FangsFall, City of Teeth

Type: Metropolis

Gold Piece Limit: 75k gp

Population: ~48,000

Total Wealth: 100 million gp

Government: Military Dictatorship under Lord Killian Vrail

Power Centers: Major Noble houses (Vrail, Kildarum, Dumasqo, Uth’whe, Ord’ukai, Van Dermott, McSmythe, Kir’Dargo), Temple of Enkili, Chapterhouse of Corean (Temple of Corean & Mithril Knights), Fangsfall Protectorate Army/Navy, Guilds (particularly dockworkers and the Merchants’ league), the Order of the Copper Raven (mages guild), and a number of crime bosses.

Locations of Interest:

History of Fangsfall and Surrounding Areas:

City of FangsFall

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