City of Fangsfall Entertainment

Entertainment is never in short demand within Fangsfall, whether legal or illicit. The following are some of the more famous locations, though some do not have permanent locations due to their infamous nature.

Shelzari Nights: As discussed in the City of Fangsfall Taverns, this establishment offers erotic dance as well as food and delicacies from Shelzar and Zathiske.

Shrine of Saint Izzy: The Shrine regularly hosts gambling, art shows, and musical compositions in its halls, much to the delight of its patrons. More information on the Cathedral of St. Izzy is in City of Fangsfall Temples.

Maula’s House: “A brothel and tenement building, located in the cleaner area of the harbor district.”

Maula was once a Shelzari noble who gave up her heritage for the love of a half-orcish scoundrel who had stolen her heart. Enraged at her choice, the family sent assassins to do the man in, and in her grief Maula created this brothel and tenement house as a testament to love that doesn’t last. The first floor houses a lounge and tavern. Clientele are “served” on some of the second floor rooms, while the third floor consists of the living quarters of the employees and renters.

Men and women (mostly women) of all races are employed, as well as “talkers” or “escorts” who are unwilling or unable to employ the entire craft but who provide a confidential ear or a smiling face and arm for public events. The only real requirements by Maula are silence and secrecy, since she refuses to let scandalous gossip to hurt others and ruin lives the way that her life was destroyed by family jealousy.

A number of men and women watch over the building and immediate area, some disguised as customers or employees while others openly showing their status as bodyguards to protect the women and men inside.

The Bladeworks Gymnasium: The city’s main place for people to go and have sparring matches and duels, as well as just to keep in shape or take lessons.

The Bladeworks is a converted warehouse in a less reputable part of town, near the docks. The building is constructed largely of stone with a wooden floor and a beamed ceiling beneath a tiled roof. The floor is largely bare save from training and exercise equipment. Benches, weights, wooden horses, punching boards, and practice dummies are all provided. Heavy ropes hang from the ceiling, well away from the roped off areas which are clearly designed for sparring. Racks of wooden weapons in various sizes are found along one wall. Rooms for changing, massage and bathing are found off the rear wall. The privies are out back.

The owner of the Bladeworks is Kevar Blademaster, a retired adventurer who made his way as a fighter. He’s showing his age now, balding and grey, and has several visible scars, his left ear almost torn off by the bite of a bebilith. He is still a mass of solid muscle, and not somebody you’d ever want to trifle with. His favored weapons are bastard sword and short sword, and he disdains the use of shields and heavy armors, preferring studded leather for daily use.

The Bladeworks is open all day and night, and caters for fighting men and women of all races and creeds. There will always be an experienced fighter present when the Bladeworks is open, often more than one. After paying a silver piece to enter, users of the gymnasium are permitted unlimited use of the exercise equipment, but are charged one silver per bout for the use of sparring rings. Only wooden weapons or bound fists are permitted for use in the rings. However, by special arrangement with the proprietor and the city guard, formal duels may be allowed. A massage costs one silver, two silver if a bath is included.

The Unicorn’s Tear Theater Company: This large three story open roofed arena is the cities main source of plays, operas, musical performances and concerts. The company of actors, vocalists, and musicians are quite good and earn a healthy amount of coin from the noble patrons and middle class that can afford the 1 gp per person tickets (for the upper decks). Lower decks (closer to the play and with better acoustics) are reserved for the nobility and merchant houses. Most of the nobility have a box in the Theater and Lord Killian Vrail himself occasionally attends performances.

Fight Club: Putting out the right inquiries with the right amount of coin can put you in touch with someone who can get you into see the barbaric, yet entertaining, pit fights. Obviously, those who would like to see such a performance are screened to ensure that they can be trusted. These pit fights are run by the local crime bosses known as “goreguards,” who sponsor illegal betting pools among the audiences. Most fights are wrestling or pugilistic and go until unconsciousness of one (or both) of the competitors. However, even wrestling matches and boxing can turn deadly just as well as fights with blades may easily result in maiming or death. In any case, the “goreguards” live by the maxim “the blood must flow.”

City of Fangsfall Entertainment

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