City of Fangsfall Shopping

Shoppes and merchants abound within Fangsfall. The following are key places to make purchases or get something crafted:

The Marketplace Bazaar: This huge open air market is nearly a half mile square. As ships come to port they hurry their cargo to the bazaar eager to meet the caravans and merchants who seek their wares. Almost anything can be found in the Bazaar if the price is right. Multi-storied building of white stone surround the bazaar where established shop owners display wares. Guardsmen patrol the bazaar frequently, but this does little to dissuade the beggars, cutpurses, and preachers who delight in the crowds. Young boys dressed in a peculiar red and green clothing frequently lead people through the throng to particular merchants and the best deals in exchange for a silver piece.

Thousands of people move about inspecting wares and the cries of sellers advertising their products adds to the clamor. Everything from apple vendors to zealots preaching heretical religious doctrines can be found within the bazaar as more trade occurs here than anywhere on the peninsula. Two and three story buildings ring the bazaar providing permanent shops and living quarters for many of the more well to do merchants. Strings of lanterns hang from ropes tied between buildings that ring the bazaar to a series of obelisks that are placed throughout the bazaar. The obelisks have many notes and postings attached to their lower sections.

Red Anvil Smithy: The dwarf Grom Redanvil takes advantage of the stereotypical skill of his race to boost his business in this large foundry and smithy which sells metalwork from horseshoes to weapons. Most of the city watch grudgingly respect him for his skills, though his grim dwarven attitude can be grating. He has a large staff of apprentices and smiths that work under him, mostly dwarves drawn from the largely dwarven neighborhood where his smithy is located. Grom demands quality from his employees and will personally oversee important special orders if the price is right.

Defeated Kings: Owned and operated by Jeris “Twitch” Witolin, a wiry human male, this fine shop and attached workshop is the creative center of many of the Fangsfall peninsula’s traps, locks, and alarm systems. The shop itself has a number of trap kits, thieves tools, and high end locks for sale including many masterwork versions. Similarly, safes, lockboxes and chests of fine wood and manufacture are for sale. A small illustrated manual provides customers with examples of past workmanship. Jeris will contract out his services for installation or disarming of a trap depending on the offer.

The Travellers’ Covenant: This is unique series of higher end service shops that specialize in anything a traveler might require. The following services are available within the area:

  • Apothecary (a wily oriental man named Lee Po)
  • Barbers/Healers
  • Engineer (a dwarven male named Helden the Builder)
  • Dentists
  • Masseurs
  • Private Bath Houses & Laundry
  • Sages guild (five total sages pool their efforts in a large building next to the Order of the Copper Raven guildhall): Wovinillius the SwordSage (areas: Military History and Swords), Keynom the Learned (areas: Ancient History, Ancient Languages), Malador (Dragons, Lost Treasures), Twilla (areas: Pre-war Art and Music, Ritual Magicks), and Frostus (areas: Outsiders, Elementals, Dungeoneering).
  • Scribes and Illuminators

The Order of the Copper Raven: This is the mages guild of Fangsfall and has a number of members including Cestarian who sits on the board for the order. In addition to providing spell casting services and civic required tasks, the mages make special order items for those interested. The mages have a library that is open only to members (including the Free City guild) and a teleportation portal that allows them to teleport to the Free City or outside the Library of Lokil. Guild membership requires an invitation, a series of tests for talent and skill, and a 50 gp per caster level monthly donation to stay a member in good standing. Donations of magical items in lieu of payment are always accepted.

The face of the guild and primary interface for visitors is Xerryn (X-aaron), a trim well-dressed man that wears golden framed glasses. He runs the reception area of the guildhall and negotiates deals for the Order. He also sells items that the guild has received or made for profit. This usually is in the form of scrolls and a few wands, though the occasional magical item will come through based on what the members donate. The reception area has a number of wonderful statues made from one of the following materials: Iron, copper, and amber.

The Sages guild adjoins the library (attached to the Order’s guildhall) and that in turn links with the University, where both sages and guildsmen (though mostly journeymen or apprentices) teach the progeny of those who can afford to put their sons and daughters into these advanced classes.

Paddle’s Potions: This small shop is located nearby the Order of the Copper Raven guildhall. The shop smells of burning incense and is filled with potion bottles of every size shape and variety. Paddle, a amicable man who smells of brimstone and has a slight set of horns is the proprietor and makes the majority of the potions in his laboratory on the second floor. Any arcane potion can be found here and several divine related potions are also for sale (those below 500 gp). A copper statue (golem) stands nearby the door as guardian and protector of the shop.

Cestarian’s Tower: The renowned wizard and arch-mage Cestarian the Wise lives here with his mystic library and clever apprentices. Those who stray from the right path often meet horrible fates. It is said that magic is more powerful within the walls of his tower than outside of them. Few have had the opportunity to test this theory, however. His tower is roughly six stories tall made of gleaming white stone and surrounded by a walled compound where apprentices and master study magic and the stars. Entry into the compound is by invitation only if you value your life. The entrance is a long tunnel going through the wall of the compound that is constantly in deep shadows with six bronze griffon statues down its length.

A small shop is maintained just outside the compound with marble floors and exotic wooden counters. A number of magical items are laid out in display cases; anything below $10k is likely available if a mage could make it and it is not alignment restricted. If someone asks for something, the attending apprentice will say “ I think we have one in the back” and will go into the back and use a magic chest of holding to pull out the particular item. A number of owl familiars watch the room as well as a copper statue. At the chest, there are a number of magical defenses including invisible stalkers and golems. Common apprentices tending shop: A short red headed man wearing yellow robes named Behjur, a male human transmuter, a strapping, fiery human youth with unruly black hair and green eyes named Caladan, and a portly young human enchantress dressed in purple robes with hair braided behind her known as Lola.

City of Fangsfall Shopping

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