City of Fangsfall Temples

The faithful gather in many locations to offer prayers to the divine pantheon of Scarn. Many churches, sects, and cults exist offering worship to gods, titans, and other powerful entities such as fey lords, spirits, and demon princes. In the City of Teeth, these are the places of worship open to the public:

Shrines dot the city for each of the 8 major gods that do not enjoy a temple and religious staff. Shrines also exist to Corean’s Martyrs at the Corean Chapterhouse, and small shrines can also be found in the City of Teeth to Drendali and Erias.

Cathedral of Saint Izzy the Wondrous: Saint Izzy was a devotee of freedom who served Enkili and Tanil in the Divine War. Likely a Paladin of Freedom based on her exploits, she was also a priestess of Enkili. She helped lead the fight against the remaining Charduni and sacrificed herself to take out the Charduni general effectively winning the freedom of Fangsfall. It was said that Enkili was so moved by her wild and reckless nature and her use of a wand of wonder, that he himself unlocked all the shackles and gates of the Free City when the people of Fangsfall marched carrying Saint Izzy’s banner at the front of the army.

Made of white stone with grey slate roofs, the central building of the cathedral rises three stories with stained glass windows. Two one-story high side buildings are attached to the central building. The architecture of the buildings is all different providing a very strange, yet weirdly wondrous, collage.

The cathedral is a wild affair of architecture, art and music. A large side hall of the cathedral is dedicated to gambling and games of chance and fortune. Another hall is dedicated to art and music of wild and somewhat discordant nature. The church is ran by Lilly Westlake, the great, great, granddaughter of Saint Izzy. She is always accompanied by Handl, her half-orc manservant and bodyguard.

Corean Chapterhouse: This building is a small fortress and serves as temple and barracks for the Mithril Knights and Paladins in service of the Adamantine Church. The ranking paladin is Shieldmaster Aaron Derigesh. The highest ranking priest of Corean is Traril Shieldhart.

This building is virtually a small fortress in its own right. This small keep is made of white stone with towers at each corner and a portcullis at the gatehouse. Though it is tiny in comparison to Vrail Keep, it serves as the temple and barracks to the various paladin orders which serve the god Corean. In Fangsfall, paladins are usually accorded respect by the city watch due to the Chapterhouse’s various arrangements with Lord Vrail.

Hwyrrd House: Also known as “Mama Daisy’s”, this structure was originally a human-sized inn, a fact readily apparent at entry. Dozens of cushions, decorative rugs, paintings, and wall hangings have turned the barroom into a sitting room to be proud of, enjoyed by all. Large inn rooms have become halfling quarters, comfortably furnished. It’s rumored that Mama Daisy’s departed husband was a carpenter, and evidence supporting it abounds; all of the furniture is beautifully made, most of it intricately carved by a devotee of the halfling god Hwyrdd, and all of it perfectly halfling sized, dwarfed by the enormous rooms it resides in. The source of the art is unknown; woven murals, a wall entirely covered by a painting depicting Hwyrdd sheltering the halfling people, pictures of beautiful, grassy glades and hilly, homey halfling villages. There is a carefully tended home altar against the far wall of the house.

Mama Daisy’s allegiances are both obvious and absolute; halflings who openly honor the “human” gods above Hwyrdd are made comfortable but never at home in her House and Daisy insists that all halflings who live in Hwyrdd House pay homage to Hwyrdd at least once a month. Daisy herself is a plump, attractive middle-aged widow with a tiny speckling of silver in her brown curls. Her large eyes are full of wisdom and she carries herself with grace despite her poor surroundings. Daisy’s origins are a mystery; she often surprises with the amount of knowledge she possesses and can sometimes be seen with an enigmatic smile she refuses to explain. Whatever the reason, she remains a formidable but friendly figure in the halfling community.

Church of Wind & Waves: This small church by the docks is cared for by an older woman known as “Lucky Passage” Annie. Her propensity for blessing travelers and them returning without issue has gained a certain amount of notoriety. Amongst the superstitious sailors, her blessing is sought out. Ship captains and navigators recognize that she has an invaluable weather eye and many ship captains wait to hear Annie’s forecast before they depart the safety of Blossom Harbor.

This building is effectively an old ship that has been drug ashore and hulled out. Two masts fly 40’ above your with blue flags with trident symbols flapping in the breeze. Every hour the sound of ship bells can be heard ringing from on deck. Two large double doors open into a small worship area for Manawe, Lady of the Seas.

Grove of the Scrubwood: This small grove is at the center of a park near the western poor section. Many scrubwood trees have grown up about a central shrine to Denev, starting to get to the point where they could be useful for harvest. On landsday, it is common for citizens who still think of Denev to offer coins, flowers, etc. An old man occasionally tends the grove by the name of Moor.

Quite possibly the only trees in miles, these scrub trees have grown tall and straight to surround a small granite shrine carved with scenes of animals, plants, and the elements.

Church of Madriel: The church of Madriel is a recent addition. Rather than build inside the walls, the priests bought a stone building inside the walls and had it transported piece by piece into the northern Shantytown so they could be more in touch and close to the needy. Currently, 3 priests and 2 paladins staff this church and they stay incredibly busy providing healing and medical services to the refugees, infirm, and children. This mission is being lead by the tall, blonde Awylla who always seems to exhibit an inner glow of peace and tranquility.

This white stone building stands out like a sore thumb amongst the driftwood huts and cloth tents that make up the shantytown outside of the Northern gate. Even so, a line of locals wait to see the priests to have their children, get medical treatment, or to seek alms. The one indication of wealth on the otherwise austere temple is the golden spear hung over the doorway.

City of Fangsfall Temples

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