History of the Free City

The Free City as it is called today was not always so. In fact, it’s origins began as a slaver’s post used by the Charduni during their conquest of Ghelspad preceeding the Divine War. The Charduni and their slaves found the area hospitable for farming and as a base for further slaving in the Fangsfall peninsula. The Charduni fortified the area making great dungeons and holding areas into the hilled areas and deeper into Scarn. Meanwhile, a healthy town grew atop the dungeons to support the Charduni and any slaves capable of actually retaining any property.

During the Divine War, the Charduni were called by Chardun to fight at his side against the titan foes. Some slaves went with their masters, but most were left to continue their war supply efforts with limited supervision. As the Fangsfall peninsula was relatively untouched by the Divine War, the slaves eventually determined to overthrow their masters with the help of a priestess of Enkili and declared themselves free men. In honor of the gods Tanil and Enkili, they renamed the town the Free City and begin building above ground in earnest, abandoning the dank tunnels and dungeons of their former masters to serve as sewers and other less than honorable purposes.

Approximately 3000 Old Calendar – The town of SouthLede is moved from the tip of the peninsula to the Blossoming Harbor location. A town is formed, known as Lambport, by the Empire of Elz as a trading hub for the peninsula and the excellent port begins to attract the trade from the southern Blossoming Sea and islands to the south.

3300 Old Calendar – The Charduni take over the city of SouthLede as they begin to carve out their initial territory in southwest Ghelspad as an appeasement from the weakening Sultans of the Empire of Elz.

3429 Old Calendar – The Charduni found the slave pits of Gr’zak to support further slaving and hunting in the peninsula.

3466 Old Calendar – The Divine and Titanswar begins. Chardun decrees that Charduni fight alongside the other Divine races. Most leave in the great armies that march east.

3488 The town of Gr’zak is largely abandoned by the black dwarves (and to a lesser extent the peninsula). A huntress of Tanil, whose teachings are a stark contrast to the strict Charduni, ministers to the people in the lands surrounding Gr’zak and the teachings begin to be embraced by the enslaved population. This mysterious huntress, whose name is unknown, begins waging guerilla warfare on the remaining forces of the Charduni.

3515 Old Calendar – Gaurak the Glutton is defeated by the gods and his teeth are pulled and thrown throughout the world. Several come down in the area now known as Fang Quarry forming huge mountains and creating a huge impact crater. As fortune would have it, the blast and earthquakes that follow destroy the remaining Charduni army guarding the peninsula. Citizens of the city of Lambport throw off the shackles of slavery in rebellion mere days later and rename their city Fangsfall, the City of Teeth. They hold large celebrations in honor of the trickster god as the ministrations of Saint Izzy have lead them to freedom.

3516 Old Calendar – A small army from Fangsfall marches on the city of Gr’zak to purge the remaining Charduni influence and to free loved ones still in the dungeons and slave pits below the city. The trickster god smiles on this rebellion and the locked and barred gates of the city open to the small army leaving the remaining Charduni helpless to resist the tide. The citizens of Gr’zak, having been aided by the huntress of Tanil and Enkili himself, declare the name of their small city the Free City to reflect their newly won freedom. The top eight leaders of the rebellion form the noble houses of Dumasqo, Uth’whe, Ord’ukai, Van Dermott, McSmythe, Kir’Dargo, Absance, and Cathwynn.

3529 Old Calendar/0 After Victory – The Titanswar (also known as the Divine War) ends, leaving much of Scarn in ruins with most civilizations shattered or reduced to some level.

25 AV – Diamond Lake founded by survivors of the divine war and their children, mostly of Elzian descent. Cairn Hills receive explorers and prospectors after the first indications of good ore. Many mines from the days of the Charduni overlords are reopened, as well.

25 AV – The Free City clears the uppermost level of the dungeons/slave pits and modifies those passages to serve as an effective sewer.

50 AV – The growing Free City establishes its directorship. The directors of the city maneuver politically to gain Diamond Lake in concessions to the noble order then present in Fangsfall peninsula. Mining takes on a new focus for this small community and becomes more cosmopolitan due to the influx from the Free City.

75 AV – Adventurers begin to come to Diamond Lake to explore the cairns and tombs discovered as the town pushes into the forested hills. Some return with treasures to feed the Free City, while others never return. Upper class families start coming to Diamond Lake as a vacation spot.

75 AV – Likewise, adventurers also come to the Free City going deeper and deeper into the dungeons, catacombs, and slave pits. They discover, much to their horror, that the dungeons have continued to grow and some unknown but obviously power entity has made the place its home filling it with traps and creatures of all kinds. The deadly dungeons of Gr’zak begin to claim the lives of adventurers, yet others make it back out with treasures attracting those who are desperate, brave, and/or foolhardy.

100 AV – A cairn in the hills is plundered by adventurers from the Free City. When returning for supplies, they passed on a strange virus to the townsfolk of Diamond Lake. The afflicted could speak only in a sing-song of garbled gibberish, and their attempts to write looked like scrawling knots of lines that resembled no known language. Attempts to read normal writing was impossible to the afflicted. Even more dreadful, this virus spread like wildfire to any who the “infected” spoke to or who tried to read the writings of those persons. Those afflicted could communicate with each others, but with know one else. This nearly brought the town to a production stand still, and the adventurers were run out of town by an angry mob. The virus continued into neighboring towns like an epidemic. The Free City and Fangsfall were also infected bringing the economies to chaos for a time. Eventually, a young man named Cestarian, now the famous sage of Fangsfall, managed to contain and remove the affliction.

125 AV – Free City directors monopolize smelting trade in Diamond Lake due to conflict and sabotage between the local mine managers on each other’s smelting processes.

127 AV – Killian Vrail and his household troops, including a regiment of Mithril knights, fights through the blockade and Calastian siege of Rahoch. After weeks upon the seas they landed in Fangsfall. After a few unfortunate incidents with criminals, thugs, and corrupt nobles bent upon harassing Vrail’s men, the Lord asserted his might and quickly outmatched the factional military might of the weak nobility in existence on the Fangsfall peninsula. Vrail seized Fangsfall in the name of Corean, and within days order was restored to the city. After weeks, the resident nobility of Fangsfall peninsula swore allegiance to Lord Vrail, and Fangsfall entered a new period of order and growth.

This power change ripples throughout the area with most of the towns and cities below the Fang Quarry giving grudging allegiance to Vrail in 128 AV. Vrail immediately forms the Fangsfall Protectorate Army, a unified military arm under his control. This results in a garrison being placed in the cities and towns with trained men from the capital filling many of the posts. Over the next few years, Vrail runs an efficient government, and the military is kept busy making roads and other engineering projects when not defending against the dangerous Titanspawn that lurk about the peninsula. As time continues, Lord Vrail is generally looked upon with respect and approval by the population of Fangsfall peninsula as both the Free City and Fangsfall begin a time of unprecedented growth and public project. The nobles, on the other hand, generally consider Vrail a bastard and constantly plot to thwart his efforts and end his lordship. The Free City constructs a directorship and council of directors, which is essentially ran by the Major Noble Houses of the peninsula, who use the Free City as a counterweight against Vrail. They spend much funds to develop the surrounding agricultural, mining, and other interests.

129 AV – The noble house of Absance attempts a coup and assassination of Lord Vrail that fails. The subsequent investigation reveals the manipulations of the Absance conspirators and the Vrail’s Mithril Knights carry out his orders to capture and banish the nobles from the lands of the peninsula. Vrail seizes the fallen houses assets.

131 AV to 134 AV – The plague known as the Red Death sweeps through the Free City killing many inhabitants. The noble house of Cathwynn is particularly hard hit with all known heirs killed and the house fading into oblivion within a decade.

135 AV – The Free City arena is constructed to help the populace forget about the Red Death. The horse races, chariot races, and gladiatorial games provide a much-needed distraction.

Start of year 150 AV – The six noble houses attempt to wrest power from each other via political, economical, and sometimes criminal means, all the while seeking to protect their own interests. Likewise, the guilds have tremendous political power and the Selintan syndicate wields criminal power in the undercity.

Summer 150 AV – The worshippers of Kyuss bring about what is known as the Feast of Worms summoning a host of undead and a tornado of souls that kills thousands in the Free City and contaminates much of the city. Through speedy intervention by the Selintan Syndicate, Vrail, Cestarian, and many other heroes, the city is saved. However, the remaining necrotic taint, the loss of so many people, the difficulty in getting food, and the rise in gangs pressing their way into the city, have caused many to abandon the city. Lord Carleigur, recently installed as governor and chief director due to his defense of the city during the Feast of Worms, attempts to gain control of the situation, but the city continues to decline.

History of the Free City

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