The Great Library, City of Lore

Before the Titanswar, Lokil was a small but flourishing city in northwestern Zathiske among the Gascar Peaks. The city’s most notable feature was its large library atop Mount Hederest. It was rumored that the library held a complete history since the birth of Hedrada, who served as the library’s patron. As a small city, Lokil took little part in the Titanswar until the war came to it on one flaming day. It is unknown which Titan destroyed the city of Lokil, but from the method of its destruction, the loremasters there guess that it was either Kadum or Thulkas. Earthquakes and landslides swallowed the city. As the huge walls of lava from the mountain washed over the library, the building emitted a silent golden light. The lava parted as it touched the light, passing by the surprised loremasters. As the smoke cleared the following day, the city was a charred ruin surrounded by the ever-expanding Ukrudan Desert but the Library of Lokil stood untouched upon the peak of Mount Hederest. Although most loremasters and students of Lokil believe that the city was saved by Hedrada, it is whispered in the darkest corners that there is some other reason for the library’s survival. Only Alliki Nebega, the leader of the council since the Titanswar, knows for sure.

Since the Divine War, Lokil has attracted scholars throughout Ghelspad as both an incredible repository of knowledge and a holy shrine to Hedrada. The library has expanded steadily into the mountain itself rather than outward onto the blasted mountain and the desert beyond. It has been rather isolationist, trading only when necessary with Hollowfaust, Darakeene, and occasionally Calastia. To outsiders, Lokil’s history might seem uneventful since the Titanswar. Unlike its neighbor Hollowfaust, Lokil has not had much conflict with the desert-dwelling sutak. Similarly, Lokil refuses to involve itself in the political matters or petty wars of other nations. But there is a watchfulness, a sense of desperate urgency that pervades the aura of the secretive loremasters.

Civilization The Library of Lokil

The Library of Lokil sits atop Mount Hederesh at the southern end of the Gascar Peaks. The city-state of Lokil sits within the mountain and at its base sharing space with the ruins of the city that succumbed to firey destruction when the library was spared. To the north and west of the mountain, the harsh Ukrudan Desert stretches to the horizon. The closest significant settlement to Lokil is the city-state of Hollowfaust to the northeast. Lokil has maintained excellent trade relations with this unique city, and occasionally, the two have acted for mutual defense.

The Library of Lokil is located high upon Mount Hederest of the Gascar Peaks. The city is located mostly within the mountain itself, with only obsidian mines and the ancient library on the mountain surface. Those buildings visible are composed mainly of white marble. Inhabited caverns within the mountain are lined with granite blocks in order to make them more secure and comfortable. It is obvious that dwarven craftsmanship aided the cities construction in times past. The city has a comparably advanced level of technology, with working pulley driven elevators, a telescope, and excellent plumbing.

The city state is ruled by a council of loremasters and protected by a small army of warriors, mages, and monks, particularly the Order of the Closed Book. Soon after the Titanswar, the renowned exemplar Daralie undertook a pilgrimage to Hedrada’s famed library in the Gascar Peaks. Realizing that the scholars there had little means of protecting the assembled knowledge of Ghelspad, Daralie began to train the more physical academics in the ways of discipline and physical combat. This group of monks, named the Order of the Closed Book in honor of Alliki Nebega, grew and developed even after Daralie returned to Onn. The Order combines scholastic knowledge with physical prowess to achieve a new and unique monastic discipline. Currently, the Order guards the knowledge of Lokil and protects it from dangers, within and without.


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