Shelzar, City of Sin, City of Pleasures

“Great spires of jade and ivory, of stone cut and carried from the halls of Burok Torn: a place where merchants rule and peoples of all lands live and work together” – Anonymous

“a festering pit, a rat’s maze of alleys and dead ends, a place where death can come at any time and no man who lives long there does so but with his eyes open while he takes his rest.” – Darakeene bard Dafyd abFenwyr’s travelogue

Shelzar is a place of variety and extremes. The wealthy live and work in buildings of gilt roofed marble, eating the finest foods from across the world and reveling in all manner of pleasureable distraction. The poor endure lives of squalor rare anywhere else on Ghelspad, so filthy and fetid that few would wish such a life on an animal. It is said that any pleasure and indulgence is available in Shelzar, for a price; those who come here often discover that while this is true, the price is often far to high.

Shelzar is an ancient city, one of the last surviving cities of the Empire of Flames, numerous shah dynasties, and the more recent Empire of Elz that fell shortly before the Divine War. Few who have walked the streets of the City of Pleasures and gazed upon its great spires can doubt its antiquity. Despite, or perhaps because of its air of luxuriant decadence, Shelzar bears the weight of history upon its gilt roofs. Most inhabitants of the city can’t be bothered with thinking of the cities past as they are too consumed with the fight for survival, leaving the cities past as the saying goes “Shelzar is eternal.”

The Azure Flame – an inn, lotus house, and tavern in the northern parts of Shelzar. It is rumored by the addicts who frequent the lotus room that other worldly visitors sometimes just appear into the room dressed in weird fashions, but most dismiss this as the product of lotus fueled hallucinations.


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