The City of Brass

City of brass

A black cloud of cinder and smoldering ash lies above the city, and below it is a bottomless lake of molten metal that is rocked by explosions that shoot columns of hot metal hundred of miles in the air. Between these two hells, on a great peninsula of coal, metal, and stone, is the City of Brass. The fabled City of Brass is a sprawling metropolis, the home of a race of genies known as the efreet, and is found in the Great Inferno, the elemental plane of fire. It is a city of majestic palaces, delicate minarets and rounded domes, protected by towering walls of brass, reinforced basalt, and obsidian. Its singular access point is through a gate thick and high as a mountain and made of a single piece of obsidian. Within the walls is a gleaming paradise of mosques, palatial estates, sky reaching towers, and open bazaars. Brass is present everywhere in the city, as are the black obsidian doors, and streets paved with basalt bricks or ingots of red-hot iron. Great bridges of black iron arc over rivers of molten metal and stone, while steam vents and geysers are trapped into the sauna and bath houses frequent near the seven great bazaars, each rumored to be bigger than the great city states of the Scarred Lands.

The City of Brass (and all the great cities of Djinn kind) were closed by the gods during the Divine War. The djinn had swore neutrality and this was not acceptable to the rebelling godlings, who besieged the cities and then bound them such that the djinn could not exit. The gods of fire, Corean and Vangal smashed into the City of Brass, fought the sultan and his pashas to a draw, and then planted a night-black egg in the center of the city according to the stories of a sage and storyteller. That black orb emitted a field of impenetrable force about the city from which nothing could penetrate and great Chardun, master of bindings, locked and bound the mountainous Obsidian Gate with a huge lock made of hellfire and adamantium using the Rod of Elements and the Orb of the Planes as the keys. Thus, the proud efreet were imprisoned in their great city by the divine.


The efreet that call the City of Brass home are warlike and brutal, even before their imprisonment at the hands of the gods. The militant efreet are ruled by a great and old sultan, who is served by an advisory council of pashas who oversee the clerks and soldiers who enforce the law and might of the sultan.

Efreet culture is based on the individual hero. Military prowess is prized as well as cunning; winning a battle or twisting a bargain wins equal measure in the eyes of the efreet. Mortals who can outwit, outfight, or outbargain an efreet gain prestige, such that they will be feared, respected, and hated in equal measure. This usually leads to challenges from greater efreet as time goes on…they are always looking to add to their legend at the expense of a mortal being.

City of brass 3

Even though many efreet are happy to trade with others, their inherent racial prejudice means that most feel little compunction in taking advantage of, or even robbing and enslaving outsiders who show weakness. Those visitors who can convince the efreet that they are not to be trifled with, however, have access to the grandest markets that the Grand Inferno, and some even say the Great Beyond, has to offer. Respect, propriety and hospitality are also critically important aspects of efreeti society. Legends speak of mortals who have used these to their benefit to trick the great djinn for many years of high-living before running out on the bill.

The Great Inferno

Also known as the Land of Burning Sky, the Kingdom of Obsidian and Ash, Mother of Black Ashes, Titan’s Pyre – these and other names are given to the cruelest, most forsaken of all the elemental planes: The Great Inferno, elemental plane of fire.

This plane is an endless hell of flat, cracked planes of obsidian, dust and black soot miles thick. Bottomless lakes of burning oil and molten lead, rivers of boiling pitch and volcanic rock dot the landscape. High above the surface of the plane are firestorms that have raged since creation and great cyclones of smoke and cinder that occasionally touch down on the baked landscape to sweep and scour everything from its mighty path. Fiery mountains made of coal, basalt, charcoal, and slag iron and great volcanos stand against the gale force storm winds that sweep the deadly vapors, gases, soot and sulphur across fields of steam geysers.

Yet, there is no shortage of native inhabitants who thrive in this inhospitable place. Fire elementals, salamanders, genasi, and dragons call the plane home. Fiery incarnations of common animals prevalent on Scarn make their home on plane including deer and great flocks of fire birds. The efreet who ruled the plane with an iron hand before the Divine War are perhaps the most important, but none have been seen since they were locked into their great city over 150 years ago.


The City of Brass

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